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Life in Community: Challenges and Rewards – Br. David Allen

Early in my time in the SSJE one of the older members of the community was interviewed by a student journalist. He was asked what life in community had been like for him the fifty years he had been professed. He answered in a quavering voice that it had been a struggle the whole way.…

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The Best Fit: A Conversation About Vocation with Br. David Vryhof

A Conversation about Vocation When did you first have a sense of your vocation? My parents and family are devoted Christians. I was raised in the Christian Reformed Church, a predominantly Dutch, Calvinist denomination. My sister and brother and I attended Christian schools, and our family was very active in the church. From my early…

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Three Calls: A Conversation About Vocation with Br. Mark Brown

          When did you first experience a call to the monastic life? My call to the monastic life was actually my third experience of being called to a vocation in the Christian life. It was preceded, first of all, in my mid-thirties, by a call to be a Christian. I’m an…

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